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Jason has had a passion for music from an early age. Although being influenced by many different styles of music, the specific category that resonated the most with Jason is country music. The honesty, integrity and values of country music have rung true to Jason since he discovered the genre.  Jason always knew that music was what God had put in his heart to do as a passion.  Jason was professionally trained, but technique alone doesn't set Jason apart from others. Every note comes directly from Jason's heart to his vocal cords with a refreshing honesty and vulnerability. Jason has been described as, “singing from the heart with a foot rooted deep in Country Music's soul.” 


Jason’s debut, Menthol Memories, Whiskey Wishes is at times an emotional exorcism and at other times Jason's tongue is placed firmly in cheek. It has influences from americana, traditional country, folk to modern country. This debut CD has something for everyone and highlights Jason's rich voice and superb songwriting.


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